IT Decision 2013! Will IT Spending continue to increase in 2014?

With 2013 coming to a close, Information Technology Consultants, and Corporate Information Technology Departments alike are looking at the goals they set, to see if they met them.

Political and economic uncertainty however, may have caused organizations to be cautious with IT spending, thereby impacting infrastructure upgrades, custom application projects, and expansion of IT personnel.

Despite these concerns, three questions remain:

– How did the IT industry fare in 2013?
– What are the expectations for the IT industry in 2014?
– What are the expected technology trends?

Join DATA Inc’s George Nikanorov as he goes over the results of the 2013 IT Industry Survey, and discusses the industry implications with key members of DATA Inc’s Executive Team including:

  • Arun Verma
    Arun Verma
    President and

  • Conrad Leo
    Ashis Bhisey
    Vice President of
  • Sarvotam Handa
    Conrad Leao
    Vice President of Operations
  • Y R Maindiratta
    Susan Leicht
    Senior Account