I have been extremely pleased with Data Inc., India. They are a highly professional group, who do not just ‘do the work’, but are engaged in the product, adopt it as theirs and take pride in their work. The management is exceptional, and I would give them a project blindfolded, even if they didn’t have the expertise, as they are able to recruit the top developers and bring them up to speed very quickly. I had brought a highly complicated app and server project to them, with limited documentation, and within a month they had the people necessary to run the project and were already up and running, delivering apps. They have delivered on time for each product and their scheduling is more often than not faster than I would have hoped. They are also a pleasure to work with, and many of the people in the organization have become my personal friends.

Julie Waldman
Founder, Digital Footsteps

We had engaged Software Data (India) Limited to deliver Software Development Services to the Military Training Directorate, and we have personally appreciated their services as a valued partner. Their performance has been exemplary in Quality, Cost, and Reliability. They provided high quality technologists to work with our staff in Development, Maintenance and Enhancement of Directorate-wide applications. I have also been impressed with Software Data (India) Limited`s ability to handle applications in which they had no previous experience. They were forthright in their approach and made the project execution completely transparent to our team, escalating issues/risks at the appropriate time. My experience with Software Data (India) Limited has been extremely positive and I sincerely recommend them as a quality company that is nimble, fleet-footed, conscientious and ethical.


GS/M T-2
Raksha Mantralaya Mukhyalaya Sena
Integrated HQ of MOD (Army)

We underwent an extensive third party audit on Supply Chain Social Responsibility (SCSR), based on the concepts and principles enunciated by IBM

Thank you for your cooperation with IBM’s supply chain social responsibility assessment that was conducted on Aug 27th , 2012 by Intertek Labtest at Software Data (India) Ltd.

No findings were raised during that audit.

Strong social responsibility in the supply chain is very important to IBM. It is embedded in our supplier selection process and is a requirement for continued business. As an organization, we expect our suppliers to make gains in the area of supply chain social responsibility.

We appreciate your continued commitment to supply chain social responsibility.

Rituraj Mukhia
Supply Chain Social Responsibility – India & Malaysia Program Manager