We strive to make SDIL a great place to work in, by creating an engaging, inclusive, and safe environment that rewards success and encourages employees to take control of their personal development.

At the core of the Company’s people strategy is our focus on employee engagement. Engagement is a key driver of productivity and performance, which creates the foundation of our performance culture. We encourage and focus on the behavior that brings out the very best from every employee, assessing their performance not just on results, but on how those results were achieved. To further embed this behavior, we have a reward program in place; carefully designed to ‘incentivise’ our employees to live our values every day. We have always taken a view that our remuneration policies should support and drive our business strategy and reinforce our values. We believe these are sound and aligned to external best practice standards with risk-based and robust governance structures. They are set with regard to an assessment of risk and other factors such as achievement of our management agenda, risk management and economic backdrop, as well as profit.