With the explosive expansion of the internet and web based services, SDIL in partnership with Excelsoft offers complete E-Learning solutions. E-Learning from the combine consists of three main areas: Technology, Content and Services and in combination with a stable LMS has resulted in highly interactive, multi-media rich and technically accurate E-Learning content. This in combination with a test and evaluation package makes a formidable product that is liked by many organizations and institutions in educational, corporate and government sectors.
The E-learning package developed by us provides

  • Unmatched versatility to adapt to the needs of different customers, from different cultures.
  • E-learning offerings, which are a comprehensive suite of solutions that work independently as a standalone system or as an integrated unit.
  • Intrinsic expertise in the education field, which renders us capable of producing excellent content.
  • Customized services to meet specific requirements and to ensure smooth integration with other existing systems.
  • Price-competitive products, with excellent technology that leads to a better RoI.