Maintenance and Support

Once an organization spends money and time on new application development, it needs to spend the same, if not more, on maintaining it over a long period of time. This adds to the financial burden on the organization. Added to that is the pressure of keeping up in terms of compatibility of the application with the latest operating systems and other related technologies.

Outsourcing this activity will help you to reduce costs, and will ensure continuity in providing support to your staff using such applications.

Our maintenance and support service ensures that you can focus on your core business while we take responsibility for continuous maintenance of your applications, taking care of changing business processes, changes in technology, bug fixing and so on. We shall provide technical support to your staff using these applications so that they can focus on their work, while we handle all the technical issues.

Our experience in various business domains and technology helps us to take over a wide variety of applications. Our processes and approach ensure that we understand and document various aspects of an existing application. We define standard operating procedures for support based on all the relevant factors like your specific business and functional requirements, current health of the application, and Service Level Agreements.

Working together will lead to mutual comfort, understanding and trust. These are going to be significant factors for us to work together on developing new applications for you depending upon your emerging business needs, besides carrying out enhancements to the current applications given to us for maintenance.
We will operate as your partner. You can depend on us for maintaining your existing applications, while you focus on your core business.