IT Services

Testing & Quality Assurance

The slightest interruption from a defect or bug in a solution can impact the productivity of one or many people that drive the daily operations of an organization.

If an organization needs to deal with constant incident reports and defects, and requires constant fixes and customizations to resolve these, then quality control during development was not carried out. To solve these issues, you need an organization that can identify key software defects before they have a chance to interfere with your daily operations.

Our quality testing and control practice ensures that your software system is meeting your requirements by using well established software methodologies.

Our software quality assurance methodology provides the foundation for ensuring system quality including identifying key risks, determining what specific quality controls will be included and how they will be applied. Reviews and inspections then allow us to detect and remove errors early in the development process. Finally, formal testing including a combination of unit testing, system testing, performance testing and acceptance testing is used to systematically ensure that the software is of the utmost quality and meets all customer requirements.