Payroll outsourcing

SDIL has been doing Payroll outsourcing for major clients by calculation of salaries and deductions. The outsourcing organization is responsible for all the activities of the payroll accounting. It saves time and cost for the organization that outsources the activity. Since there are a large number of employees (say more than 900-1000) in the organization, payroll outsourcing is very beneficial as far as compliance is concerned.

The data is provided by the client firms. The various payroll functions undertaken are as follows:

• Generating offers to all the employees
• Analysis of Payroll records, payroll taxes
• Medical claim processing
• Employee Insurance & Provident fund processing
• Provide payslip and form 16 to the employees
• Handling all grievance related to salary issue and tax deduction
• Leave Management for all employees
• Statutory compliance and audits
• Provide relieving documents and do exit formalities
• Prepare F&F for all Exiting employees